This Is the Tan Brand the A-List Loves

We love fake tan. It makes us look glowing (not orange, thank you very much), appear slimmer and even makes us feel more confident. While we have our favourites we're always keen to find out the next exciting beauty product that everyone's raving about. Today, it's the turn of Madame La La fake tan—and it's loved by (probably) your favourite celebrity. 

According to the brand, likes of Vanessa Hudgens, Blake Lively and Gigi Hadid are all fans of the product, which has launched in Urban Outfitters this month, and for good reason. The self-tan skincare range, which is 80% organic, offers an L.A.-inspired glow and includes ingredients such as coco water to keep skin hydrated. It also doesn't give off a chemical smell (always a bonus) and dries in under five minutes.

Hero product, Madame La La West Coast Bronzing Serum, takes three hours to develop but also, amazingly, includes anti-­ageing ingredients, with vitamin C and CQ10 to tone and smooth skin. Well, we know where we're going to be shopping for our latest fake tan fix. 

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