9 Diet Tips That Gwyneth, Jaime King, and Other Celebs Swear By

Debating diets is one of my favourite pastimes. Well, I don’t know if “favourite” is the right word. But I do it a lot. We nutrition hobbyists like to fancy ourselves experts in healthy digestion, glowing skin, and slim waistlines. Often I'm convinced I have all the answers.

But every time I encounter a Hollywood celeb, I want to throw everything I thought I knew out the window and find out exactly what she is eating. There’s no debate when proof that a diet works is sitting right in front of you in a Prada dress.

Celebrities from Gwyneth Paltrow to Jasmine Tookes have shared their sage diet wisdom with us Byrdie editors over the years, and we’ve put together our favourite tidbits here. Want to know the top nine diet tips that keep celebrities looking and feeling their best? Keep scrolling!

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