8 Celeb-Approved Ways to Upgrade a Bun

While many hair trends and styles come and go, the bun has truly stood the test of time. Dating back to ancient Greece (though probably much earlier—we bet the Neanderthals whipped their hair up into a knot with a bone or something), the bun has seen centuries of wear in various eye-catching forms. The best part about a bun is that it's difficult to mess up—even if some rogue hairs spring loose from your topknot, it will still be en vogue, and people will probably think you intended it to look that way. Do your own bun skills go past a quick messy bun? If not, not to worry—we pulled together some of our favourite celebrity styles to inspire your next 'do. Keep scrolling for some bun inspiration!

What's your favourite way to wear a bun? Tell us below!