What Models and Celebs Really Use on Their Skin

Call us weird but whenever we get invited round to our friends' houses, at the first opportunity possible, we like to go and have a nosey around their bathroom cabinets. This is simply because we're obsessed with other people's beauty regimens. Whether they love a particular cleanser, swear by using toner, or won't leave the house without applying their favourite moisturiser, we love discovering the brands they like to use. 

Now, while we'd love to do the same in the houses of the A-list, we unfortunately don't have quite the same access. However, thanks to Instagram and the rise of the celebrity shelfie, we pretty much get to poke around their beauty cupboards without any effort at all. And what beauty cupboards they have—filled with some of the latest brands and formulas. Let's see just what it takes to get A-list worthy skin. 

Keep scrolling to see whose bathrooms you can peek inside.

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Opening image: Getty/David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock