Is This the New Celebrity #Selfie Trend?

We’ve already discussed the merits of celebrities posting no-makeup selfies, but lately, we’ve noticed another Instagram trend on the rise: famous people doing weird beauty things. It started with Kim Kardashian’s now-infamous vampire facial. Then, Coco Rocha shared a selfie wearing what appeared to be 24K gold eye masks. Soon, a number of other actresses, models, and singers followed suit, all posting photos of themselves doing strange things in the name of beauty. What does this mean for us mere mortals? Is this the end of the no-makeup selfie trend? Will J.Lo ever jump on the bandwagon? (Probably not, considering the fact she never ages). Hard to say, but for now, we’re just glad celebs are admitting that even they have to sit back, relax, and channel Hannibal Lector every once in a while.


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