ICYMI: Cate Blanchett Now Has Pink Hair


Rex Features

Cate Blanchett—she of porcelain skin, chiselled features, and awe-inducing everything—now has pink hair. Yes, pink hair. The elegant blonde emerged on the streets of London on Wednesday sporting a new dye job, complete with matching pink (rose-coloured?) glasses and a tailored menswear-inspired outfit. "We've been talking about doing it for a while but wanted to get all the award seasons out of the way to have a play and a bit of fun," her colourist Nicola Clark tells The Telegraph. "It will last a couple of weeks, depending on how many washes it has.” Sure, Cate Blanchett would fall low on the list of celebrities who we'd expect to flaunt pink hair (Kylie Jenner would rank number one), but we love her all the more for it. Key takeaway: Do not underestimate Cate Blanchett. 

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Opening Image: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty