The Cat-Eye Flick Is Hands Down Winter's Most Versatile Makeup Trend

Cat-eye makeup is one of those era-spanning trends that seems cool and modern no matter when you wear it. So iconic, it has earned itself a place in the beauty hall of fame, right up there with a polished red lip and soft smoky eye, and it's the reason our makeup bags are chock-full of sharpened-down-to-a-stub kohl pencils and rapidly-running-out liquid liners.

Whether you're an advocate of the subtle Hepburn-esque point or prefer the drama of a supersized, graphic Amy Winehouse flick, it's likely you'll have experimented with this trend over the years. And that's the beauty of cat-eye makeup—there are just so many ways to wear it. So what's the newest take on the look? Well, we delved into our notes from the autumn 2017 shows (always the best place to find the newest beauty trends) to dig up some fresh inspiration for five undeniably modern ways to wear a feline flick.

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This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.