What You Need to Master the Updated Cat Eye

Gel eyeliner may seem intimidating at first, but given the right formula, tools, and a little practice, it’s the best route to the perfect cat eye. First, pick a colour—the best formulas for jet black, shimmery silver, and more, above—then choose a brush. A bent brush (try the E.l.f or Smashbox versions) is best to create a thin line, while thicker versions (Cala and Anastasia’s are great) create a thicker, more dramatic cat eye.

We suggest watching a how-to video—celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge explains how to use a straight brush perfectly or watch this how-to on using a bent brush—and taking your time. Dip your brush into the gel, wipe excess product on the back of your hand, and start building the colour on the center of your eye. The best part? You can use a pointed cotton swab to easily perfect the line, since gel liner dries more slowly than liquid liner. Everything you need, above.