Could This Vegetable Be the Answer to All Your Glowy-Skin Dreams?



Carrots: They've always been up there when it comes to our list of favourite vegetables (after kale, spinach and tenderstem broccoli, obviously), but now carrots are also earning themselves the status of one of our favourite skincare ingredients too—and for good reason. Carrots come rich in beta-carotene, the substance that gives them their orange colour, but thankfully, on skin it has an entirely different effect.

Beta-carotene is a precursor to vitamin A—the vitamin responsible for cell regeneration—so when it's applied topically on skin, it ups the ante on cell turnover, bringing the younger, more radiant skin cells to the surface. In essence, it's has the same effect as turning up the brightness on your selfie, only IRL.

Plus, it's rich in antioxidants, which are vital in fending off skin-damaging free radicals found in everything from polluted air to the sun's rays, and it can help fade any pesky patches of hyperpigmentation.

Now, don't worry—to benefit from the glow-boosting properties of carrots, you don't have to start adding them to every single meal. Instead, you might want to slip a carrot-infused skincare product somewhere into your regimen.

So keep scrolling for three carrot-based skincare products that will each leave you with change from a tenner. Dream.

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