Scientists Figured Out the Best Workout for Weight Loss, and We Don't Like It


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Cardio-phobes have likely found some relief in the rise of strength training as an expert-approved way to get in shape. I know I have: After kicking and screaming my way through treadmill workouts for years, I was thrilled when a couple years ago, I discovered resistance-based exercise for the first time—and promptly found muscles I didn't know I had. Now, it's a rare day indeed when I find myself on a run, but the fitness market tells me that's just fine. (Just ask Kayla Itsines and her army of BBG devotees.)

Still, Itsines's exercises certainly involve a bit of cardio, as does my favourite fast-paced yoga class. Thus, it might be easy to assume that for optimal weight loss, you don't need either strength training or cardio—you need a little of both. But according to research, that's actually not the case: After testing both forms of exercise, scientists say that there's a clear winner if you're hoping to shed pounds.

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