Cara Delevingne's Beauty Secrets

It's hard to know which made more of an impact on New York Fashion Week: model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne or the blizzard raging outside. The British model's boisterous sense of humour and unmatched enthusiasm for both work and play make her the center of attention in any room--even amongst the hustle and bustle of backstage. In between the dozens of shows in which she walked, Delevingne took a minute to open up her backpack and show us what she won't leave home without.

To prove just how well her must-haves work, she made us touch her face: "So freaking soft, right? As soft as a baby's skin!" She was right, so take notes.

Simple Face Wipes ($5) "I use them all the time, they're so simple!" she said, before breaking down in giggles at the apropos adjective.

Lucas PawPaw Ointment ($18) "It's just the best," Delevingne says of the backstage staple, an all-natural Australian ointment made of papaya that heals everything from cuts and sunburns to dry skin.

Anastasia Brow Gel ($21) "So this isn't for my skin, but it's awesome," says the model, whose striking eyebrows have driven some women to extreme measures. "I don't go anywhere without it!"

Live Live Bee Yummy Skin Food ($47) "My skin used to get a bit rough and bumpy during fashion week, but this stuff--it's all-natural and I found it at a random store here in New York--it's the best thing," Delevingne says of the skin cream made from bee pollen, royal jelly, and St. John's Wort Oil. "I bring it everywhere."