Cara Delevingne Wore This £7 Lipstick on the Red Carpet

It’s kind of unbelievable to say—considering that only a year ago, Cara Delevingne was arguably the most in-demand model of the moment—but dare we declare that she’s never looked better? As the actress has made the press rounds for her role in Suicide Squad over the past several days, every single red carpet look has been more phenomenal than the last. But her peak thus far may have been at the New York premiere of the film. A gunmetal winged eye, a bold red lip and a deep-parted lob (not to mention her signature thick arches) are a lot to wear all at once, but somehow everything came together flawlessly.

The best part? You can find every product responsible for this makeup look at your local drugstore. Keep reading to see exactly how makeup artist Romy Soleimani did it—and how Jen Atkin styled those glossy locks, too.

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