Why Everyone Is Going Crazy For a Perfume That Doesn't Even Have a Name

There's a new perfume that's just launched and we're very excited about it, but we can't tell you what it's called because it doesn't actually have a name. Confused? We'll explain. 

The mysterious scent comes from Byredo, which is marking its 10th anniversary. To celebrate, the modern perfume brand has created a new fragrance called Unnamed. Now, this isn't an Emperor's New Clothes kind of vibe; there is a scent, which includes notes of pink pepper and gin accord, with a base of tree moss and fir balsam. But when it comes to naming it, well, that's up to you. 

The idea is that everyone is free to make their own label for the perfume, making it a truly unique bottle for everyone who owns it. While we're still massive lovers of Byredo's Gypsy Water (£90), this is definitely an exciting new way to create something super personal. 

Keep scrolling to find out more about the fragrance and how you can create your own personalised bottle.


While you can shop the fragrance now exclusively at Liberty and online, you can also create your very own campaign for your perfume on unnamedperfume.com. The fun part (or should that be the toughest?) is choosing the name and then placing the letters on the label. You can then share your designed bottle with your social media followers. We've already spent more time doing this than working today. 

What would you call your perfume? Tell us in the comments!