You Can Now Listen to Our Live Podcast With Wobble

You'll undoubtedly have spotted murmurings of it on Instagram already, but if you hadn't heard, last week we held a very special event at Clique HQ: the Byrdie x Wobble Live Podcast, which you can now download and listen to right here.

If you're not already an avid listener (change that ASAP), Wobble is a podcast is hosted by Jules Von Hep, tanning expert and co-founder of Isle of Paradise along with Sarah Powell, the most joyful radio presenter to ever grace your ears. Yes, this is the same duo that also brought us the hilarious Jules and Sarah: The Podcast, but Wobble is a slightly different offering.

Understanding that as humans, we all "wobble"—both physically and emotionally—the podcast calls upon a whole range of experts and guests to discuss all manner of topics including body positivity, confidence and fighting anxieties. It's quite possibly one of the most empowering podcasts out there, and whether you listen to the episode with Nichola Joss or the one with Lorna Luxe, you're bound to unplug your earphones feeling a whole lot lighter in spirit.



Alyss Bowen

This version was recorded in front of an audience of Byrdie readers and fans (the first live recording for the podcast, no less). Jules and Sarah discussed their body confidence-related questions with a panel that included our very own Amy Lawrenson, editorial director of Byrdie UK, Felicity Hayward, model and founder of @selflovesbringsbeauty on Instagram, and Danielle Peazer, dancer, influencer and founder of the @daniellepeazermethod.

Our esteemed panel guests shared many useful pieces of advice for helping us deal with our own "wobbles," as well as touching on issues such as diversity and inclusivity in the media. And finally, the podcast episode is ready to download right here, but as a little preview thought we'd share just five of the brilliant nuggets of advice we heard below. Prepare to reconfigure your own mindset.