One Woman Reveals What It's Really Like to Have a Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is having a moment. In fact, it's surpassed the lob as the most talked-about haircut. It feels like every week another celebrity is stepping out with a shaved head. First, Kristen Stewart with her peroxide blonde and super-short hairstyle, Katy Perry teased hers on Instagram and Cara Delevingne has shaved hers for a film role.

It's the unlikely haircut of the moment for women, but what's it really like to have a buzz cut? To get the lowdown, we put that question (and a whole lot more) to model Cajsa Wessberg (pictured above). She's had a buzz cut for a while now and let us in on what made her do it, what it's really like (besides being cold!) and how people treat her now she has a shaved head.

Plus, keep scrolling for expert tips from Roi Nadin, head stylist at George Northwood, on who it suits best and how to prep your scalp for a shaved head (because flaky skin is a no-no). Lastly, check out our gallery of celebrity women who have stepped out over the years with a buzz cut.

The lowdown:

BYRDIE UK: How long have you had a buzz cut?

CAJSA WESSBERG: Three years in June. I think I'm gonna have a little birthday party on that day to celebrate how much my buzz has done for me.

BYRDIE UK: So how does it make you feel having super-short hair?

CW: Really cold. But it also makes me feel free and a bit badass.

BYRDIE UK: Had you planned for ages to shave your hair, or was it a spur of the moment decision?

CW: Both. I had planned to do it for a couple of weeks, but my plan was to wait until after a family holiday. But suddenly, with all my family gathered, I couldn't wait any longer. I just went out to the backyard and shaved it.

BYRDIE UK: What are the benefits of having a buzz cut?

CW: For me, it has given me a lot of work and opportunities as a model and given me a lot of attention. But for most people, I guess the biggest benefit is never having a bad hair day!

BYRDIE UK: Did you feel you had to change your makeup or how you dressed when you had a buzz cut?

CW: Yes, a little. I think the makeup gets more visible without hair, so I think [I look] better with more natural makeup now. Before, I usually wore eyeliner and mascara, but now I think it's a bit sharp in contrast to my buzz.

BYRDIE UK: Do people treat you differently?

CW: I think people assume I'm more tough than before and treat me with more respect. But sometimes people are quite rude, asking me if I have cancer or if I'm a boy or a girl.

BYRDIE UK: Did you have long hair growing up?

CW: Yes, I did, like most girls. But I cut a bob when I was 15 and Rosemary's Baby short when I was 18, so the buzz wasn't that much of a shock.

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Will a buzz cut suit me?

If we're being completely honest, it's hard to say. "You probably have no idea what shape your head is," rightly states Roi Nadin, head stylist at George Northwood. "You also have to take into account your hairline; if it is receding at the front or too low at the back, it's not going to look great."

What is key to understand is that hair is as transformative for the face as makeup. "A buzz cut takes away any shape from the face. You may not realise how much your hair adds definition and can soften your facial features," says Nadin. "If you have hard features, a buzz cut will make them even stronger. Soft features are best for a buzz cut; in fact, it can give soft features more definition."
"You also really have to consider your personal style. If you are very feminine, this is going to be hard to pull off and probably not appealing to you! All in all, if you want a dramatic short cut, a variation on the pixie or crop is an option for far more women."

What products should I use with a buzz cut?

"If you've taken all your hair off, then you may be missing out on playing with products," says Nadin. "Take advantage of the access to your scalp! The Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea-Salt (£39) is amazing with that direct access to the scalp. Heaven!" 

"For treatment to keep the scalp in tip-top condition, Phyto Phytopolleine Botanical Scalp Treatment (£26) has a well-deserved reputation," Nadin continues. "Whatever your scalp issue or even just to give it some TLC, this will balance it out."

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