Bun Cuffs Are the Hair World's Latest Obsession—Here's Why

It's Hair Repair Week here at Byrdie UK, and each day until Friday we're going to be bringing you healthy hair tips and tricks. Today we're looking at bun cuffs—they're our latest hair styling obsession and the perfect way to give your hair a break from heat styling.

Throwing our hair into a messy topknot is something we all do. It's an easy way to keep hair out of our faces to do our makeup in the morning, beat the heat while working up a sweat at the gym, or disguise third-day hair. Whatever your reason for donning this hairstyle, we can all agree that a topknot is an easy go-to for practically anyone with hair long enough to throw up into the casual style. But until now the topknot has been a bit, well, lonely. Recently there has been a new hair accessory grabbing our attention, and it's the perfect partner to your topknot. We can now refine the undone style with a chic bun cuff. The hair accessory is a foolproof trick to elevate cool-girl hair in seconds. Whether you're a minimalist or love to go all-out with your hairstyle, there's a bun cuff out there with your name on it. 

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