The Miracle Moisturizer That Cured My Sunburn Overnight

I don’t go on bike rides. I am not the kind of girl who tosses her hair into a perfectly undone topknot, laces up her just-the-right-amount-of-worn-in tennis shoes, and hops on a (cute red) bike, pedalling and smiling charmingly, without breaking a sweat, as the miles zoom by. That is not me. No, I’m more of the girl who wobbles on a bike precariously for the first few miles because she hasn’t actually ridden one since she was a child, huffs and puffs with great vigour on every hill—yes, even the small ones—and forgets that biking involves being outdoors in the sun for an extended period of time, neglect to re-apply SPF (shame on me), and thus gets extremely sunburned. Which is pretty much what happened last weekend, as I rode my bike to Venice Beach (with great difficulty).

The Aftermath:

My triumph at completing the ride was short-lived, after I arrived home and realised my face had developed a bright pink tint and my back had turned the distinct shade of a well-cooked lobster. Luckily, I had just received Buckler’s Daily Face Repair ($42), a light, unisex facial moisturizer that promises to “soothe sensitive, irritated skin”, and decided this was the perfect opportunity to put it to use.

The Results:

I slathered it over my face, neck, and shoulders and immediately felt a light, cool tingling. I examined the ingredients list, and was pleasantly surprised to find that 1.) All the ingredients were 100% organic and vegan 2.) Aloe was the second ingredient in the list, and 3.) Pure peppermint oil—not menthol, which usually dries out my skin—was the cause of the slight minty tingling.

I reapplied before bed, and went to sleep, dreaming of all the Instagram photo opportunities my new bike would bring me. The next morning, I noticed my sunburn had subsided considerably—so much so, that I actually forgot I had been burned, until I regaled my companions with tales of my great biking expedition later on in the day.

The Final Verdict:

I would recommend this gentle, calming, all-natural moisturizer from Buckler's to anyone with sensitive skin, or a penchant for long bike rides.