Calling All Smoky Eye Fans: Here Are 6 Brown Looks to Soften Things Up



The black smoky eye palette tends to reside in our makeup bags as a standby, usually making an appearance when you're going out-out and aiming to look like you made a little extra effort. It somehow manages to propel a jeans-and-blouse combo into garnering hundreds of likes. But let's face it—while we're forever grateful for its uplevelling powers, there's just something that feels a little too red carpet about it. (For Cannes, sure, but for weekend cocktails, not so much.)

That's when the brown smoky eye comes in, or as we like to call it, the makeup equivalent of a pair of tan leather sandals. It has all the benefits of a black smoky eye but with less drama. It just softens up the look to work with any outfit and every occasion, and gives that element of put-togetherness that kohl's often too harsh to do. If you're still clinging to your black smoky eye, these six brown versions will certainly convince you to make the switch.