What Your Brow Shape Says About Your Personality

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but that's what facial reader Jean Haner does in her line of work (sort of). Actually, Haner, who married into a Chinese family, adopted their traditional principles and learned how to analyse the personality of others based off of their physical appearance. These ancient Chinese philosophies reflect a person’s inner personality, how they think, feel, and behave, and what they need to be happy in life. That's right—by studying even the smallest characteristics of your face, Haner can tell whether you're impulsive or a perfectionist (among many other things)—specifically by studying the shape of your eyebrows. Not buying it? We recently sat down with Haner to explain what each shape means, so keep scrolling to see how accurate her analysis is of your own brow shape!

Learn more about face reading in Haner's book, The Wisdom of Your Face (£11).

Ed. note: Quotes have been edited for content.

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