The #1 Party Hairstyle, According to the Fashion Crowd

It was at the British Fashion Awards 2016 held at the breathtaking Royal Albert Hall that we spied a serious contender for party hairstyle of the season. Of course, here at Byrdie while we appreciate a standout gown like the rest of them, it was the beauty looks that caught our attention (always). Among a sea of easy tousled hairstyles and retro waves (we're looking at you, Moss and Chung). There was one hairstyle that made us rethink our party styling for the coming weeks. So what was this game-changing look? Gigi Hadid, Lady Gaga and Winnie Harlow all stepped out on the red carpet wearing sleek buns. Yep, ballerina-inspired buns. While the bun is nothing new, party hair these days is often easy-going, but this is a definite look. And for, arguably, the night's biggest stars to embrace the look means it's got to be the next big thing (well, three is a trend, after all). What's great about a bun is that it makes way for a graphic liner, oversize choker or statement earrings to take centre stage. Keep scrolling to see how each star wore the ballerina bun their own way.