The 6 Brit-Girl Beauty Rules Every Woman Should Follow

Welcome to Byrdie UK's Brit Month, a month-long celebration of all things eccentrically and wonderfully British. From the little-known, home-grown beauty brands we're championing to the beauty trends that we Brits will be all over in 2017, this is the place to dive into all things quintessentially and brilliantly British.

When it comes to beauty, I may be biased, but I think British women do it best. Why? Because we are fearless, whether that means being brave enough to try something different, making a classic look our own or being confident enough to take the less-is-more approach. We also have some brilliant beauty icons to look to for inspiration (well, we never copy), from Kate Moss's rocker hair to Adele's signature liner to Grace Jones's complete fearlessness when it comes to using beauty to make a statement. Essentially, Brit women have it right because they're confident enough to wear a look their way and own it.

Keep scrolling for the six lessons we've learnt from these very British icons.