Breast Milk Facials Are Happening Whether You Like It or Not

Get ahold of a new mum STAT. Turns out facials made from breast milk are trending! Sound kinda gross? We’re with you. But hey, whatever works, right? The milk is combined with white clay to help it stay put when applied. Other natural (and more familiar) ingredients can be added to help calm the skin, like lavender and vitamin E. These soothing additions tackle stubborn skin issues by moisturizing, minimising redness, reducing breakouts through exfoliation, and, of course, giving you that youthful glow. You can read more about the beneficial beauty properties in human milk here.

Can’t find a spa near you that offers the breast milk mask? Or just not that into applying human milk to your skin? We LOVE this Goat Milk Cream ($65) from Kate Somerville. (It's far less creepy to think about too!)

We'll try anything once—would you? Let us know below what you think of human-milk facials!