From Alessandra to Gisele: Brazilian Models' Best Beauty Tips

Requirements of being a model: height, genetically gifted features, and natural poise. Requirements of being a Brazilian model: height, genetically gifted features, natural poise, and an innate sultriness that makes women everywhere buy lingerie (and makeup, skincare, and, hell, even vodka-infused coconut water) in the hopes of bottling said sultriness. When it comes to the Alessandras and Adrianas of the world, all we can do is stand back and admire the glory that is their beauty: sun-kissed skin, hair that seems to fall into naturally windswept waves, and eyes that seduce with a simple glance. Though we realise our own legs will never be as long and our skin never as poreless and golden, we can still hope to channel our inner Brazilian bombshell via their beauty routines. Ahead, you’ll find six beauty tips from some of Brazil’s most envy-inducing models—Alessandra and Adriana included, obviously. Keep scrolling to see them all!