A Brazilian Fitness Guru Shares Her Best Beauty Hacks

Brazilians seem to have the whole effortless-beauty thing on lock. Among the trusted traditions they have bestowed upon the U.S. are Brazilian butt-lifts, keratin treatments, waxing that makes even scandalous swimwear possible, and most recently hair burning. We trust you are with us at this point in being beyond down to listen up whenever there’s a Brazilian ready to spill her secrets. If not, we implore you to flip through photos of Adriana Lima, Gisele Bündchen, and Alessandra Ambrosia. Wowza!

Now that we’re all in women crush mode, there’s some untapped Brazilian beauty intel you need to know. We caught up with Ilana Kugel, creative director at Koral Activewear, and she spilled some seriously great tips, including her go-to DIY hydrating hair mask. Keep scrolling for her tips!


Coconut water seems to be the ultimate beauty product, in general, these days. Adriana Lima even admitted to soaking her face in ice-cold coconut water

Ilana shared, “In Brazil, women wash their hair with coconut water for hydration after swimming in the salty ocean water. For a similar effect, I mix coconut water with a mashed-up avocado and put it in my hair for 30 minutes as a hair mask! It's the ultimate way to hydrate dry hair.” 

Maintain A Youthful Glow With This Nutrient

Ilana shared, “I use CE Ferulic pure vitamin C serum on my face each day for healthy skin. I swear by because it tightens skin while keeping it bright."

Ilana vows she never leaves the house without first applying an SPF 50 to help protect from future damage. 

For Perfect Posture, Keep it Moving

Ilana’s beauty ritual also consists of breaking a sweat every single day—for over an hour to be exact—because, as she puts it, “It's all about focusing on what you like to do and being consistent." Posture is just one of many perks the designer enjoys from her commitment to fitness, saying, "If you develop a strong core and back, your posture will naturally improve!”


With this much fitness in your life, it makes sense to keep makeup application simple. Ilana swears by the hydrating formula of Dior's Addict Lip Glow and MAC False Lashes (£11) in Extreme Black because it lasts all day. 

What is your favourite Brazilian beauty ritual? Sound off below!

Opening Image: Koral Activewear