The 4 Things This Neuropsychologist Wants You to Do Every Day

Our attitude toward health has never been more holistic—it seems like Western culture is finally syncing with its Eastern neighbours, as our approach focuses more and more on prevention rather than cures. It also means that rather than simply looking after our immune systems, we're now employing a more 360-degree approach to wellness, covering everything from our guts, our hearts and more recently, our brains.

"Health doesn't mean the absence of illness anymore," states neuropsychologist Dr. Amy Serin. "Nowadays people are looking for more ways to feel satisfied, more joyful, more mindful and basically to experience their daily life differently." And she's undoubtedly witnessed a massive change in the way we view brain health. "I think that there's a new emerging neuroscience that's making its way into the mainstream, covering everything from brain-training games and software to brain stimulation devices," she explains. "And this has us all thinking about how we can improve our own brain functioning."

It's a thought that has crossed our minds countless times too, and so we asked Dr. Serin (who's also the co-founder and chief science officer of a pretty insane stress-relieving device—more on that later) to share four easy ways to care for our brains every single day.