Exclusive: Bracelet Nails Are the Latest K-Beauty Trend

There's a new Korean beauty trend in town, and it doesn't fall into the skincare category. The Seoul-based nail artist who popularised negative space and shattered glass nail art, Eun Kyung Park, is back at it with bracelet nails. That's right, just when you thought the nail art movement was slowing down, Park's nail studio and salon Unistella is sending K-beauty lovers into a tizzy with yet another stunning manicure design. We first came across the beautiful work of art on Peach & Lily founder Alicia Yoon's Instagram page. So we went straight to Yoon to get the exclusive scoop on the trending manicure that's about to blow up.

Yoon, who frequents Unistella when she's in Korea, says she gravitated toward the design due to its subtlety and the fact that she had never seen it before. "I like that the rest of your nail can be bare and you see the surprising details when you take a closer look, versus designs that are flashier. It was the first time I had ever seen the design and I really loved it," she says.

According to Yoon, Park was inspired by friendship bracelets when she created the look. "Bracelet nails are her latest thing. She was inspired by friendship bracelets and a little bit of fun. It's an interesting look because she uses real string and it looks like it's actually wrapped around your nail." And if you're wondering what we were wondering when we first saw these nails: Yes, the charms are real. "She uses rhinestones but also tiny metal charms and circles that she loops around the string which she then places on the nail using tweezers." With a design this intricate, you'll have to carve out a substantial chunk of time to dedicate to your manicure. "It's a long process. It takes a couple of hours—maybe even two and a half! It takes a while," says Yoon.

Of all the mesmerising designs Park has created, she definitely has another hit on her hands with bracelet nails—and we think you'll agree. Keep scrolling to feast your eyes on what could possibly be the coolest nail art trend of the year.

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