Now Trending: The Sporty Hairstyle That Celebs and Instagrammers Love

We know, we know, it's early days but the standout hairstyle of 2016 so far? It has to be the boxer braids hairstyle.



Lachlan Bailey for Vogue Paris

It’s the updo that Kim Kardashian West wore over the holidays and chose to ring in the New Year with. In fact, she loves the boxer braids hairstyle so much she’s still wearing them.


Merry Christmas everybody! Good night!

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There are so many great things about boxer braids: They are ideal for the gym or the ring (hence the name) as they pull all the hair out of your face. They add edge to any outfit, whether it's off-duty or party. Plus, they are an easy way to disguise a bad hair day. Obviously being able to braid is key, but if you're not adept at a French braid it just takes practice. Check out our boxer braids tutorial here. Need more convincing? Keep scrolling for the celebrities and Instagrammers who are already hooked.