Grind Your Teeth? Here's a Surprising Solution

These days, it seems like teeth grinding has landed at the top of our list of stress-induced manifestations. You might not even realise you’re doing it—most teeth-grinding occurs at night, when you’re deep in REM sleep—but all it takes is a quick trip to your dentist to get a rude awakening.

Your options are limited, mostly reserved to buying a night guard that seems way too expensive to be just a piece of plastic you put in your mouth each night. Or you can try Botox—yes, Botox. Charlotte's Book explains how getting Botox injected in your jaw area can relieve tension and tightness, and make your teeth-grinding problem a thing of the past.

Writer Claire McCormack describes her own procedure, which took 10 minutes and was completely pain free. Supposedly, it takes three months to see maximum results, and then you can enjoy them for a full nine months. McCormack says she felt a marked improvement in jaw tension after just one month. Sure, it's definitely more expensive than a night guard, but there's also a pleasant side effect: Getting Botox injected in that area can sculpt and soften your jawline for a more chiselled appearance. We're intrigued.

In the meantime, Clarins' Extra Firming Advanced Neck Cream ($88) will help tighten and tone your jawline without the need of injections.

What do you think—would you ever get Botox for relieve jaw tension? Sound off below! And then click to find out why some women are getting Botox in their scalp.