9 Unusual Perfumes You Never Knew You Could Buy at Boots

When you grab a basket at Boots, it's usually for a haul of toiletries, vitamins and the latest drugstore beauty buys. Probably all done and dusted within the lunch hour with ample time to eat a Meal Deal at your desk afterwards. There's one department that might not be on your radar, though, and that's the perfume section (unless it's December, perhaps).

Let's face it: Perfume purchasing isn't a rush job unless you fall in love with one on first spritz and can't imagine life without it on your dressing table. But it's well worth making a beeline for the Boots perfume offering. You'll be surprised to know that outside of the best-selling scents, there's a range of interesting perfumes lurking between the more popular ones.

To save you some time, we've found some seriously noteworthy fragrances from Boots, so you're only a few clicks away from your new signature scent.