The 6 Most Overlooked Beauty Brands at Boots



I remember the day when I proudly announced to my mum that I was ready to start wearing makeup. Soon her palette of '80s-inspired cream eye shadows were no longer cutting it, so I decided to take myself to the high-street beauty mecca that is Boots. I grabbed a basket with the same excitement I get when picking up a cup at the cinema pick-and-mix and got to work.

Aisles and aisles of products stretched out in front of me, and I could afford them all with my pocket money. The stuff of teenage dreams. The affordability of drugstore beauty means more than just the price tag, though: It's really about making beauty more accessible and enabling experimentation. If you want to try out a new lipstick or get a set of brushes to up your skills, you can. You don't have to make a big price commitment for something that might not work out or suit you.

We've all been sucked into the allure of online beauty shopping, but Boots has seriously upped its beauty game recently. We've been in store and picked out six amazing brands sure to reel you in.