Real Talk: Are Body Wrap Treatments Really Worth the Spend?

The body wrap has been around for a long time. And when we say long time, we mean thousands of years. Apparently it's been around since the days of Cleopatra (oh, she did love her beauty). Says Allison Marks, Arcona Studios spa director, esthetician and skincare expert, "Body wraps have been performed for centuries, originating in ancient Egypt, for their healing and soothing effects, which enhance the skin appearance and texture."

Of course, that's not the only results people seek body wraps for. There is a common theory that they are a quick-fix weight-loss solution. But is this really the case? Inches of fat burnt off in a mere hour just by wrapping your body with cloth and some well-chosen skincare ingredients? All while you lay there and doze? We're sceptical, so we wanted to uncover the truth once and for all. Keep scrolling to discover just what body wraps can do.

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