The Expert-Approved Trick to Glowing Skin in 5 Minutes



Body misting was the one new beauty concept that really piqued our interest backstage at London Fashion Week. Why? It will make tanning in autumn a doddle. You see, fake-tanning from now until spring is going to be a bit of a minefield—anything too far removed from your natural skin tone will look false in the cold light of day. Then, of course, there’s that down-to-the-bone chill that occurs when you’ve stood naked in your bathroom for any extended amount of time between October to February. But a subtle hint of colour can do wonders for a seasonal pallor. So how do you nail a autumn/winter-appropriate tan?

I came across the answer at Preen’s recent London Fashion Week show. Backstage, the St. Tropez team was fake-tanning the models using a technique they have coined “body misting,” which is also known as “patchwork tanning.”

Emma Kotch, St.Tropez’s tanning and skin-finishing expert, explained that the look was about creating a “soft, super-hydrated glow.” Rather than tan each model all over, they were misting the parts of the body where the sun would fall naturally, she added.

Essentially it’s the same principle we use when applying bronzer to our faces. We’ll do that inverted “3” shape that runs from the forehead just in from the temple, around onto the cheek before scooping down onto the chin, and then dusting a little across the bridge of the nose, because that’s where the sun tans our faces. The body equivalent is to mist the spray tan onto the shoulders, across the décolletage and down the fronts (and backs, if you have time) of the arms and legs. Of course, if you’re wearing tights, then no need to bother with your legs.

The team at Preen prepped models’ skin with St. Tropez Tan Enhancing Moisturiser (£10), as dry skin does not make the best base for an even tan. They then chose a spray formula that gently disperses the product without the need for a mitt or any blending (the team used St.Tropez Self-Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mist, out March 2017). The colour should be so light that you’re creating a healthy glow, rather than a fake tan, this means you shouldn’t need to worry about streaks or patches–that’s the crux of body misting, you just tan the skin on show so it's the lowest effort way to tan.

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