How to Flawlessly Retouch Your Skin With Makeup (not Facetune)

Before makeup artist Bobbi Brown became world-renowned, she didn’t know that retouching existed. “When I started out as an aspiring makeup artist, I studied magazine covers to try and re-create the beauty looks. Later, I learned that all covers are retouched. But by then I knew how to make skin look naturally flawless using only makeup.”

Most of us are not models on covers (shame) and while the rise of the selfie has meant that retouching has become a very real technique for everyone, isn’t the goal to have perfect-looking skin IRL 24/7? Of course, it is. And Bobbi Brown is the go-to brand for Byrdie readers looking for that flawless complexion. We asked you, on Twitter, which brand you relied on for your wedding makeup? The one day where it’s imperative you look perfect both IRL and in photos; and you all said, Bobbi Brown. But not one to rest on her laurels, Brown is launching two new products that are like real life Facetune, to help you achieve that flawless, retouched look she has been creating with makeup for years. Keep scrolling to find out how to perfect your complexion in no time…



Bobbi Brown

Today Bobbi Brown launches the Retouching Face Pencil (£22) and the Retouching Wand (£27) to join her line-up of Retouching Powders (£27 each). While the pretty hued powders correct and enhance the whole face, the two new products target in on the complexion issues we all face. So do you go wand or pencil?

“The Retouching Face Pencils are my go-to for everything!” says Brown. “The creamy-matte, highly blendable formula cancels out redness, lightens dark, recessed areas, covers brown spots, and highlights and illuminates,” she adds.

On the other hand, the Retouching Wand is a cover-up and foundation hybrid, making it ideal for quick touch-ups but also the perfect pick if you want to emancipate yourself from a heavier foundation formula and an all-over mask of product. “It’s like magic!” Brown says.

Keep scrolling for Bobbi Brown’s guide to retouching your face.



Bobbi Brown

To even skin tone:

Use the Retouching Face Wand for this, and start by applying at the centre of the face and blending outwards with fingers.

To conceal redness:

Opt for a pencil that matches your skin tone, and apply after foundation (if you’re wearing it) wherever you see redness. 

To create a nude glow:

Don’t want to wear foundation but still want great-looking skin? Apply a tinted moisturiser all over the face, then use the wand for added coverage anywhere you see redness or unevenness.

To brighten recessed areas:

Choose a pencil 1–2 shades lighter than your skin tone, and then apply on dark, recessed parts of the face like the inner corners of eyes, around the nose and corners of the mouth.

To retouch sun spots and age spots:

Layer up! Start with a pencil 1–2 shades lighter than your skin tone, and then follow with a pencil that matches your skin tone. After covering any dark spots, follow with foundation applied all over the face. Use a light hand when smoothing on the foundation to avoid rubbing off the pencil.

To highlight:

Apply the Illuminate shade of the Retouching Face Pencil on the top of cheekbones, the inner corners of the eyes and on the brow bones.

To ramp-up your coverage: 

Want that airbrushed look? Take the wand and lightly sweep over your foundation to smooth, enhance and create the most polished look.

The new Retouching Face Pencil (£22) comes in nine shades and one universal highlight shade (called Illuminate) that can be used on all skin tones, while the new Retouching Wand (£27) comes in nine shades, to suit all skin tones.