This Blush Hack for Women of Colour Is Genius

The sad truth about the world of makeup products is that sometimes women of colour are slighted. Take a walk through the aisles of most drugstores or large beauty supplies, and it’s clear that there aren’t nearly enough shades of foundation, powder, or BB creams to match a dark skin tone. Another product that just doesn’t measure up? Blush. Many powder blushes can end up disappearing on dark skin, thus not playing up a “natural flush”. The good news? There’s a great hack for gorgeous, bright cheeks on dark skin, and it’s called (drumroll…) lipstick! The trick is to apply using the pads of your fingers or lightly dab straight from the tube onto your cheeks and blend out with a makeup sponge.  Lipstick's creamy consistency and high colour payoff makes for a highly pigmented “blush” that’ll send powder compacts packing. Scroll through for some of the best lipsticks that double as blushes!