This is the Haircut That Will Define 2018, According to the Experts

Quite frankly the idea of #NewYearNewYou is so stomach-churningly cliché, it’s enough to put us off our mince pies. The idea of a fresh start does have us considering changing something, though: Our hair. I mean, let’s face it, we’d all like to saunter back into the office in 2018 with a fresh (albeit sale-bought) wardrobe and a new haircut to boot. But if you’re planning on trying this kind of makeover, don’t go into the hair salon blind—take the experts with you.

We’ve gathered a lineup of the most successful hairstylists and asked them for their take on the biggest haircut trend that we can expect to see everywhere next year. The answer was pretty unanimous. The haircut set to define 2018 is the blunt cut.

Yep, you can wave goodbye to your trusty layers—as it turns out, the quickest route to healthier-looking hair is blunt, straight-cut ends that will make wispy ends look sturdier and hair look thicker. But thankfully, there isn’t just one way to wear the trend. Keep scrolling to discover three hairstylists’ take on the blunt cut trend.