Why You Need a Coloured Eyeliner in Your Makeup Bag Right Now

Blue makeup has got a bad reputation. This is because of the '80s and… because of the '80s. All we associate the sweep of cobalt across the eyes with is a lot of big hair and power suits—subtle it is not. But it's time to park judgement on the hue as there's a new way to wear the colour without it making you look like you're on your way to a decade-themed fancy dress party. 

Spotted on Cara Delevingne at Comic-Con and on Lily Aldridge's Instagram feed yesterday, the new way to do blue or turquoise makeup is to use a simple eyeliner flick. This is about as far away from iridescent eyeshadow as you can get (we can still remember the one that Boots' 17 did, btw). 

Keep scrolling to take a look at Delevingne and Aldridge rocking the look and find out where to shop some of our favourite eyeliners to perfect the flick!


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The idea here is to keep the rest of your makeup minimal; note how Delevingne and Aldridge both have a bit of bronzer and nude lip but not much else, as your focus is on the eyes. 

To achieve a decent eyeliner flick, if you're not a dab hand already, it will take a lot of practice, but fear not there are some tricks we've learnt that might help.

1. Start on the inner corner of your eyes and draw a small outline across the shape of your lid. You don't want to go for the big winged look just get. 

2. Once you've got to the end of your eyelid—stop. Now tilt your eyeliner outwards. Your flick should travel up and out as if it's heading towards the outer corner of your brow.

3. Draw a line about 3 mm from your eyelid. Now that you have your outline, you can fill in the rest. But take it slowly. If your hand is shaky, rest your elbow on a stable flat surface.

How do you feel about this trend? Will you be trying it out? Tell us in the comments! 

Opening Image: @lilyaldridge