Your Ultimate Guide to Blonde Hair Colour

There's no such thing as blonde hair. Confused? Allow us to explain: The thing about blonde hair is that there are so many variations of the hue. There isn't just one type or shade of the hair colour; there are many different versions that suit certain types of skin tones and natural hair shades. And how do we know this? We spoke to expert Melanie Smith, creative master colourist at Josh Wood, on the different shades of blonde hair. Some you may not even be aware of. For example, New York–blonde was a newbie for us. (Great name, though, right?)




Smith took us through the five main ways to go blonde, who they suit and what you should be asking your hairdresser. She also gave us a great tip on how to ensure you don't walk out of the hair salon disappointed, as well as the products she recommends to keep your hair in great condition. For that, plus the five blonde hair colours, we suggest you keep scrolling.

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