15 Influencers We Follow for Hair Inspiration

There are plenty of places we get hair inspiration from, but one of our favourites right now is street style stars. As the impact influencers and bloggers have on our wardrobes only increases, it's no surprise that we've started to look to the same sartorial experts for tips on how to style our hair as well. And it's a big deal to them—don't think they wake up with perfectly coiffed 'dos.

Earlier this year, when Who What Wear UK's editorial director, Hannah Almassi, spoke to a few street style stars and fashion industry leaders on how they managed to look constantly chic, many cited their hair as the key to looking put together. So whether you're a fan of street style looks or just want some new hairstyles for inspiration, we've pulled together 15 key fashion insiders who have the most incredible hair. From brunettes to blondes, as well as redheads and girls with big curls, we've got every possible kind of fashion-girl hair you could think of.

Keep scrolling for the 15 bloggers with the best hair.