How this ASOS Insider Keeps Her Bleach-Blonde Hair Looking Healthy

Introducing The Hair Enquiry, our deep dive into the rituals, routines and habits behind some of the most enviable hair to ever grace Instagram. We see it as our public duty to ask the questions others are too shy to, so we’ve set ourselves on the mission to probe our exceptionally haired subjects and uncover exactly what they do that makes their great hair so great, right down to the very last product. This week, we spoke to London-based influencer and ASOS social executive Lotte Williams.

If you were under the illusion that going bleach blonde was going to require a 13-step haircare routine and biweekly salon trips, Lotte Williams's hair story might just surprise you. Yes, she invests in some pretty sturdy products, but all in all, her regimen is pretty low-key. Here, she shares every single thing she does to her hair, which—believe it or not—it isn't even that much.