7 Blackhead-Busting Masks You NEED to Try

Blackheads can be even more annoying—and tougher to get rid of—than the occasional pimple flare-up. That's because a blackhead is the result of excess oil and dead skin that gets trapped inside your pores. When the clog is exposed to air, it turns black and—voila—a blackhead appears. Once they're there, they can hang around for months. And as unsightly as they can be, picking at them usually only makes things worse (like, turning-into-a-giant-pimple worse).

In lieu of taking matters into your own hands (literally) in front of your magnifying mirror, try one of these pore-clearing masks. They'll help loosen up existing blackheads (making it easier to perform safe extractions) and help prevent new ones from popping up.

Read on to see seven masks that can help banish blackheads.