Here's Why Seeing Black Women on Every September Issue Needs to Be Celebrated

My mum always kept a stack of magazines on our coffee table. Month after month, she'd switch them out religiously when new subscriptions would land on our doorstep. My adolescent eyes sought them out, and I'd marvel at the covers that always had brown faces on them. But those covers were few and far between. Essence, Ebony, and Jet were the few magazines in a large pool of subscriptions that acknowledged blackness. 

I could name the most iconic Essence covers off the top of my head because they have been etched into my memory. But I can't recall other mainstream magazines, because they never had black or brown faces on the cover. Beyoncé said it best in her Vogue interview: "When I first started, 21 years ago, I was told that it was hard for me to get onto covers of magazines because black people did not sell. Clearly that has been proven a myth. Not only is an African American on the cover of the most important month for Vogue, this is the first ever Vogue cover shot by an African American photographer." Amen. 

If you're a magazine lover, chances are you know how important the September issue is. It's usually the biggest magazine of the year, and a lot of time and hard work goes into it. This year is the most monumental September-issue season. Why? Because black women are gracing every single major magazine cover. And this is beyond epic.