The Best Black Friday Deals for the Beauty Obsessive

We're not really sure when or how Black Friday became quite so popular over here—it is an American tradition, after all—but we can tell you why: Us Brits love a good bargain, especially in the leadup to Christmas. And Black Friday is when retailers seemingly slash their prices and you can get things you've been hankering for (and things you didn't even know you needed) for the small change left at the bottom of your bank account. And it's finally here.

But if the past couple of years are anything to go by, you can expect plenty of elbow fights to rival Monica's bustle for her wedding dress in Friends if you head in store to shop. So if you want to get hold of the latest cult eye shadow palettes and incredible skincare deals, it's best you get clicking, and we're going to help you. Click through to find out the best Black Friday beauty deals to buy before the day is over.