6 Bizarre Beauty Tricks That Actually Work

As self-proclaimed beauty obsessives, we take it upon ourselves to test out all the weird and wonderful tricks of the trade. Some have been successful (hooray for coconut oil hair masks!) while others have been, um, not so much (our gums are still recovering from this strawberry teeth whitener DIY). Successful or not, we’ll keep on testing—for the sake of beauty, for the sake of our readers, and for the sake of still looking amazing when you’ve run out of your favourite eye liner.

With that in mind, today we’re sharing six bizarre beauty tricks that really work. Some of them you may have heard of through the grapevine (read: Pinterest), and others might be wonderful new revelations. Either way, you’ll have another beauty tip (or two) to whip out on a rainy day. Keep scrolling to see what they are!