The Creamy, Matte Lip Pencil That Stayed on My Lips for 9 Hours

You know how when you meet the one, you’re supposed to just know? That’s kind of how I felt the first time I swiped on Bite Beauty’s Matte Crème Lip Crayon ($24) in Framboise. I’ve always had a weakness for bright lipstick, but this purple-y pop of magenta was unlike any colour I’ve ever seen. In fact, I drove home that day with the colour on my lips and immediately called my boyfriend to tell him my monumental discovery. “Guess what,” I said. “What?” he replied. “’I’ve met my lipstick soul mate!” I squealed. (I think that’s pretty much the point where I lost his attention.)

His indifference aside, every time I wear this lip colour, I get compliments. I swipe on this purple-tinged pink when I’m feeling stressed out and instantly feel (and look) more put-together. It’s bold enough to make a statement, but still office-appropriate.

And the best part about the crayon? Its staying power. While I’m a proud matte lipstick aficionado, I do have qualms. Most of my favourite matte lipsticks look amazing after the first swipe, but leave my lips feeling dry and flaky. Not Bite’s Matte Crème Crayon—no, this delicious-smelling pencil (seriously, it smells like the juiciest orange and my mouth always waters a bit when I put it on … weird?) glides on with a super-intense pigment, then—get this—stays put all day. I’m talking about lasting through a cup of coffee, a chicken salad sandwich, and four glasses of water, with no flaking whatsoever. In fact, I ended up forgetting the pencil at my desk before driving to an event at 7 p.m. (I put it on at 10 a.m.) and just smudged it a bit in the center before making my appearance, no further touch-ups required.

As a bonus, the pencil dries to a velvet-y, stain-like finish, so your lips have a natural-looking wash of colour at the end of the day—it’s like the colour coats your lips comfortably, then sinks in and leaves the intense pigment behind. Plus, it’s Bite, so you can rest assured the ingredients are natural and good for you.

Needless to say, I immediately snatched up another colour (Péche, a toasty orange-red) and wear it on tamer days—there’s a time and place for fuchsia lips, after all. I could go on about these sleek little pencils for hours (seriously … just ask my boyfriend), but I will leave you with this: If you love high-pigment matte lip colour but hate the inevitable flaking and dryness that follows, give one of these pencils a chance now. I have to warn you though—you must be prepared to buy more than one.

Have you found your beauty soul mate?  Tell us all about it!