This Old-School Skin Product Works Harder Than Your Entire Bathroom Cabinet

Bio-Oil is a stalwart of the skincare world, famed for its ability to do just about anything and everything to better the appearance and comfort of your skin. Its multitasking potential once earned this little bottle of orange-tinged oil icon status, but it's the kind of beauty staple that seems to have retreated to the back of our bathroom cabinets and fallen off the edge of our beauty regimens.

Whether you bought yours because the adverts promise it would melt away your stretch marks or, like me, you were looking for a quick-fix remedy for your perennially dry skin, or even if you're yet to invest in a bottle at all, if you knew exactly what Bio-Oil was capable of, I'm pretty certain it would become the most prized product in your skincare arsenal once more. So hear me out on this one—keep scrolling as I fill you in on just about everything Bio-Oil can do.