The Lipstick Hack Karlie Kloss Borrowed From Beyoncé


Getty / Dimitrios Kambouris

As a general rule, there are two kinds of people who have the best makeup tips thanks to the demands of their day jobs: models and makeup artists, naturally. But it's also key to remember that there's one exception to every rule: Beyoncé. Yep, even those who earn their living from cosmetic expertise still get schooled by Queen Bey.

In a new video for Karlie Kloss's vlog, Klossy, the model and makeup artist Sir John discuss the lipstick hack that they learned from Beyoncé herself—which ended up becoming essential to Kloss's Met Gala look last spring (pictured). So, what's the tip? Watch the video above to find out.



As Sir John advises, always remember to finish off with some translucent powder—you want to lock in that Bey-worthy pout, after all.

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