Re-Create the Best Makeup Moments From Beyoncé's "Formation" Video

We’re only hours away from Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance, but we’re still obsessing over her new video, “Formation.” The singer certainly seems to understand how to make a strong beauty statement with each facial feature, specifically that shimmery deep-rose eye shadow and burgundy lip, both of which we plan to copy ASAP. Watch her video below to see what we mean.


Beyonce / Youtube

Below we’ve curated our favourite eye shadows and lipsticks to get you started. Pro tip: When using a powder shadow, try spraying a little rose water on your brush before applying the shadow, to enhance pigmentation. Keep scrolling to shop all five makeup options. 

What’s your favourite beauty moment from Beyoncé’s new video? Sound off in the comments!

Opening Image: Getty/Monica Schipper