These 9 Pieces of Technology Will Make Your Life Immediately Better



Remember back in the '90s when having a Nokia 3310 with Snake was as advanced as it got? And then remember when the iPod launched and we collectively lost our minds? Now we can't even remember what our lives were really like before the iPhone. Games and listening to music are the boring part. Instead, we can track our steps, check our heart rate and ask a body-less person to tell us what the weather is like today. But Apple isn't the only company giving us incredible technology we can wear to track our health. There are plenty of our devices in the wellness world that can improve our health.

As far back as 2014, Wired revealed that one study by IDC said that by the year 2018 "the wearable technology market will see about 111.9 million wearables being used around the globe." Guys, that's less than six months away, and we can totally see how that would happen with devices to aid sleep, digestion, skincare and more.

To see just how futuristic your health could be, we've rounded up the most incredible pieces of wellness technology. Keep scrolling for how to make your life better with just a few devices.