How to Pick a Wedding Perfume Like an Industry Expert


Courtesy of Adele Mayo

There's something incredibly thrilling about walking into the fragrance section of a beauty hall faced with counter upon counter of scents housed in the most beautiful glass bottles. No other form of beauty shopping compares to the excitement of sniffing your way around the shelves and trying not to mix up the scent strips, knowing that your signature scent is waiting to be discovered. The stakes are even higher when you're shopping for your wedding perfume.

Choosing a perfume to wear on a regular Tuesday morning can be overwhelming enough, but deciding on the scent that will always remind you of your wedding day definitely ups the ante. You might not wear your wedding dress every few weeks, but you can definitely spritz on a fragrance and be transported right back to that magical day.

When you're sampling wedding perfumes, there aren't any rules. You don't have to go down the traditional floral route or pick something that screams "bridal." Go with your personality and individual taste, and factor in the type of wedding you're having and what season it's taking place in, but most importantly, think about what you just love the smell of and whether that love will endure for years to come.

To give you some inspiration, we asked a handful of beauty insiders to tell us the fragrance they wore on their wedding day.