10 Wash-Off Tanners Our Beauty Editors Love

Wash-off tan products haven't had the best reputation. They used to be known as being horribly streaky, made even worse if it rained, as the white lines running down your body (we're having horrendous flashbacks here) would be the ultimate tell-tale sign. But products have changed dramatically over the years so that now there is a fabulous range on offer - whether that's for your face or your body. 

True, there's always the messy obstacle of applying the stuff. But seeing as we're all agreed that it’s better to fake a golden tan than bake for one (study the SPF facts if you’re not with us), self-tanning is just an easy way to avoid damaging your skin. Which is why we feel incredibly blessed to be au fait with the very best wash-off tanners in town.

Buff on, glow for hours, wash off. It’s that simple! So if you’re liking the sound of this low-maintenance tanning option (who wouldn’t?), prepare yourself for an induction into the wash-off tan hall of fame.

From the best shimmers and matte finishes to paraben-free options that’ll be kind to sensitive skin, we’ve rounded up all the wash-off tanners we love, including why exactly we love them.

Stand-by for the best one-night tan of your life.

Click through the gallery below for our pick of the best wash-off tan products, plus tips on how to find the right one for you.